ACCA, UK is leading global body for Professional Accountants. It aims to offer business relevant first choice qualifications to the students of the college who seek a rewarding career in Accountancy, Finance and Management.

The College has on MOU with ACCA, where students of the college are put through a comprehensive and rigorous exams and training, along with a range of resources and support to help them achieve the ACCA Qualification to enable them to reach the career destination of choice. An ACCA qualified accountant is in high demand and has a choice of working in many different financial roles and at senior levels within an organization.

Yuva Yojna

Centre for Pradhan Mantri YUVA Yojana (An Initiative under the Aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India)

The College has been empanelled for the following initiative - The PM YUVA Yojana is the flagship scheme of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India on Entrepreneurship Education and Training.

Objectives: Initiating maximum start-ups Entrepreneurship training and education through MOOCS Nurturing social entrepreneurship Establishment of entrepreneurship development Centre (EDC)

Special Features: Training in Hindi and English by trained faculty e Course designed and developed by experts of national and international repute Integration of MOOCs with classroom discussions and experiential learning Student centric courses certified by NIESBUD under MSDE Connecting student entrepreneurs to ideas, incubators, mentors, business services and funding Training in specific business skills like inventory management, sourcing, book keeping, financial discipline, marketing, communication, etc. Identification, mobilization and incubation support to social entrepreneurs Programs Offered: 6 Certificate Programs

ICICI Bank Union E-learning

ICICI Bank introduced E-Learning FOB Course in India in the year 2006. ICICI Bank has tie-ups with 251 colleges and 16 states across India. In Maharashtra, ICICI Bank permitted only 10 colleges to run this course, one of which is our college.

Objectives of ICICI Bank introduced E-Learning FOB Course:

To introduce students to the practical aspects of banking
To offer students the contemporary curriculum with innovative learning methodologies.
To help students learn the Foundations of Banking completely online through self learning.
To develop the skill to solve multiple choice questions.
To enhance professional skills of the student to get a job in banking sector.

The Online FOB course introduced in Ness Wadia College of commerce has completed 10 successful years. Our college is the first college in Pune to introduce this course being run by ICICI Bank.

Some of online banking course students got a job in a reputed bank in Pune.
ICICI Bank also, offered job opportunity to three students during their course.
For the academic year 2017-18 total 170 students registered for ICICI BANK E-Learning Course

ICICI Equity Investment Course

Ness Wadia College of Commerce organizes a 3-day course on “Pillars of Equity Investment” for the Third Year Students. The objective behind conducting this course is to give the students an insight about the Investment Market and explain to them how it would benefit them as an investor.

Contents of Pillars of Equity Investments Course are as under:

Case on Equity Investments
Why Business needs capital?
Types of Capital
Sources of Equity Capital
Advantages of Equity Capital
Equity markets & their composition
Participants in Equity markets
Stock Exchanges in India
Market Regulator - SEBI

Certificate Course in Tally ERP9

The students’ myriad success is often determined by his basic skills and by the kind of knowledge they have. What one earns depends on what one learns. Today the challenge is bridging the gap between industry requirements and the academic learning to ensure more job-ready students. For playing a major role in this space the college has introduced “Certificate Course in Tally.ERP 9” from the Academic Year 2010-11 in collaboration with Tally Academy (Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Banglore) This Programme is meant to the student who wants to pursue a career in accounting in particular.

Objective of the Course:

To provide the latest skill set and knowledge of computerized accounting as required for the finance and accounting sector in different industry domains. To provide adequate exposure to enhance the employment potential participating students.

Need for Computerized Accounting:

The technological advances in computer and business software have greatly changed the accounting industry and business. Most businesses use accounting software to aid their staff in recording financial transactions and preparing financial statements for business operations. A new industry of computerized accounting careers has grown-up from this influx of accounting software, creating some great job-opportunities for commerce graduates.

Structure of the course:

The course will have a fixed amount of hours of teaching for the students through conventional model, utilizing technology and facilitation base pedagogy. This course will be delivered as per the syllabus mentioned in the appendices, and will also be assessed on proficiency at the end of the course.
70% of the programme would be technology led.
Computer labs will be used to deliver the practical part of the course. .
All students that successfully complete the course will be eligible for certification by college and tally academy.

Special Features of Course:

Certification from Tally Academy.
Official Tally Course Material.
Full Training on Licensed Version of Tally.ERP 9 Gold & Remote Access through Internet.
100% Practical Orientation.
Well Equipped Computer Lab.
Expert Faculty.

Duration of Course: 2 Months

Eligibility : SSC (Pass)

Coordinator : Lt. Dr. Manohar K. Sanap


Continuous growth of Indian economy since 1991 has increased disposable incomes of its citizens. Capital and money markets are evolving continuously enabling participants to strike new combinations of risk and reward to maximize wealth. People are enjoying longer life spans but do not enjoy the comfort of secure pensions to take care of old age. Fast pace of life has increased volatility all around.

Under these conditions, individuals need competent advice for managing theirincomes prudently. They have to save money to realise their financial goals and take care of life after retirement. Savings can be invested in a number of avenues ranging from small savings schemes to equity and real assets such as housing property, gold and valuables. Each avenue has distinct features and plus, minus points. They need to be chosen with care. And there is tax law to determine what cut the government will take from income, depending upon the avenue of investment.

Therefore there is an acute need for persons who have knowledge of these areas and who can offer competent advice to individuals. The need is so great that a personal financial advisor can look forward to a growing list of clients. Of course, he has to have the necessary knowledge and win the trust of clients. Practising financial planners aver that they have to specialize in one or a few investment avenues.

PIWM is designed to help interested students to get started in this field. It covers all the different aspects of personal investment management with up-to-date information. Experts in concerned areas deliver lectures over weekends to cover the syllabus. Other learning tools such as case studies, presentations, mock interface and tests supplement the lectures. Interested students can look forward to practical training and apprenticeship, too.

PIWM aims to make students undertake their own financial planning and to think of this area as a possible career choice.

Coordinator: Dr. (Ms.) Vrishali S. Randhir

Advance IT Course

Due to massive digitization in today’s world there is massive amount of data being collected in various platforms. Hadoop helps to store and process these data.Hadoop is an echo system which contains several tools to store and process this humongous amount of data (BigData). Students will learn the architecture of Hadoop 2.0, Pig, Hive, MapReduce, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, HBase (Intro). There are various practical for each topic followed by 2-3 mini projects. Total: Duration:80 hrs. Course is open to anyone who has basic knowledge of Java.

Big Data & Hadoop developer

Theory, Practical & Small projects


Big Data,HDFS,MapReduce,Pig, Hive,Sqoop,Flume,Oozie,HBase

Basic java Programming knowledg

As business is getting more complex and changing each day, waterfall methodology for software development is not working efficiently. Scrum can handle ever changing business requirement.Students will learn various aspect of Scrum methodology and do role play of Scrum Master, Product Owner & development team. They will also complete two projects using Scrum technique. Duration: 20hrs. Programming background not required.

Agile/Scrum Methodology

Theory, Projects & Role Play

20 hrs

SDLC, Waterfall, Agile, core Scrum, product owner, scrum master etc.


Python is one among the most popular dynamic programming languages that is being used today. Python is an open-source and object-oriented programming language developed by Dutchman Guido van Possum in 1980s. Students will learn basic python (data types, loops, if-else etc), Object oriented programming, standalone GUI, Database connectivity, basic web application. Course contains practical for each topics and mini project at the end. All the students need to appear in a test at the end of the course. Duration: 40hrs course (Total) 2 hours per day. Course is open to all.

Python developer course

Theory, Practical & small projects

40 hrs

Core Python, Object Oriented, DataBase Connection, GUI, Web Application

Basic programming knowledge

Due to massive digitization in today’s world there is massive amount of data being collected in various platform. Hadoop helps to store and process these data.Hadoop is an echo system which contains several tools to store and process this humongous amount of data (BigData). Student will learn the architecture of Hadoop 2.0, Pig, Hive, MapReduce, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, HBase (Intro). There are various practical for each topic followed by 2-3 mini projects. Duration: 70 hrs. Course is open to anyone who has basic knowledge of Java.

Spoken Tutorial

Open Sourse Lab

2 hrs Lab session

c,CPP,Java,My Sql,PHP

Basic Programming knowledge

Digital Marketing

The Department of Marketing started Certificate Course in Digital Marketing for enrichment and enhancement of industry specific knowledge for students on 29/01/2018. College believes in sharing the right knowledge to the candidates in order to build the best career in digital marketing. Digital marketing course has become the mainstream in India where every business is stepping into the new strategy to build a high competitive strength. The course intend to equip the students with digital media industry and to supplement their knowledge to become capable employee/entrepreneur.

Following are the objectives of the course:

Two students got placed immediately after completion of course with average package of ₹2.6/annum . One is with firstcry and another with Zedo India Pvt . Ltd .

The coordinator of said course is Dr. Dipak Wayal