Samata Mandal

Introduction :

The Samata Mandal is a 40 years old association of students and teachers, based on equality to all. Prof. Vasant D. Deshpande was a well-known writer, student and a sympathizer of the Dalit movement in India. He has written on the role of voluntary action in rural transformation and the code of conduct for rural voluntary agencies. He also wrote the following books: The Mhaisal Untouchables, 1983; Adivasis of Thane, 1985 and Hamal Panchayat, 1989. He joined the Department of Economics of Ness Wadia College of Commerce in 1972 and was with the College for a year or two. He took the leading initiative in establishing the Samata Mandal In 1972. As then Prof. In-charge of the association, he took many efforts to discover hidden talent and skills of the rural youth who take admission to Ness Wadia College of Commerce for further education.


1. To inculcate values of Unity, Equality, Fraternity, Social justice, Secularism and Humanity and other principles and values enshrined in the Constitution of India amongst the students, through various activities.
2. To create confidence amongst the students’ coming from lower strata of the society and sensitize them on various social issues.
3. To enhance students linguistic skills, softskills and make them capable of facing the challenges of the contemporary world.