Std XI & XII


The Junior College engages in imparting the knowledge of Commerce subjects to students on the basis of guidelines prescribed by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Std XI is the first of the two years that comprise the +2 level of education.

B. Com

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) is a 3-year full time professional degree program affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University.



Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 3-year full time professional degree program affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University. The program is designed to cultivate business acumen among students and aims to develop skills, aptitude and awareness in tune with prevailing

B.B.A. (I.B.)


The Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business - BBA(IB) is a 3-years professional fulltime undergraduate degree program affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University. It aims at providing the undergrad students with inputs in theoretical and practical aspects of

B.B.A. (C.A.)


Bachelor of Business Administration – Computer Application [BBA(CA)] is a 3-year professional full-time degree program affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University.



Finance industry in India is rapidly growing with the insurance sector and financial services. In Pune, the banking sector has grown with headquarters of Bank

Master of Commerce (M.Com)

Master of Commerce

Master of Commerce (M.Com.) is a 2-year full time professional degree program affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Post Graduate Diploma in International Business (P.G.D.I.B)

Post Graduate Diploma in International Business (P.G.D.I.B)

The objective of the P. G. / Diploma in International Business is to meet requirements of trained manpower in the vast field of foreign trade and international business.

Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance (PGDBF)

Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance (PGDBF)

The Post Graduate Diploma in Banking and Finance has been the oldest post graduate diploma course offered by college. It is a popular course, particularly among those who graduate with banking as their special subject.

Diploma In Taxation Laws (D.T.L.)

Diploma In Taxation Laws (D.T.L.)

Post Graduate Diploma in Taxation Laws (DTL) is a 1-Year professional Diploma program affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University.

Ph.D. & M.Phil

Ph.D. & M. Phil

The College is a recognized Research Centre for M.Phil. and Ph.D. of Savitribai Phule Pune University under the Faculty of Commerce. Guidance for M.Phil. & Ph.D. degrees is offered in various disciplines related with Commerce.


Senior College Department

Department of Business Practices

The fundamentals of Commerce, Business Environment and Entrepreneurship, Essentials of E-Commerce, Business Communication and Research Methodology for Business fall within the purview of the Department of Business Practices at Ness Wadia College of Commerce.

Dr. Vrishali S. Randhir
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Department of Business Law

Law and human life are instrinsically linked. There is no aspect of human existence that is untouched by law. The knowledge of laws governing business and their application to overcome challenges encountered is a must for every entrepreneur and business professional. As economic, social and political changes occur laws and policies are changing to adapt life and business accordingly.

Dr. Prakash N. Chaudhary
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Department of Business Economics

Economics is one of the core subjects for the B.Com degree course BBA and BBA(CA) courses and also the M.Com. Course. It is a compulsory subject at all the three years of the under-graduate class covering Micro Economics, Macro Economics, International Economics & Global and Indian Economic Development. At the Masters level, the subjects include Industrial Economics and Industrial Economic Enviorment.

Dr. M. R. Agale
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Department of Accountancy

The heart of any business in a true sense is the Balance Sheet. The numbers that describes whether you are on the right track or on the wrong. It analyses and interprets the real financial position of the business. Accountancy is the only science which provides classified business information in this regard.

Dr. Manohar Sanap
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Department of English

The English Department of Ness Wadia College of Commerce offers English as a compulsory subject and also as an Additional English Language option to students of B.Com. in their 1st year of the degree college. Technology-mediated task-based group activities, classroom presentations, discussions and workshops in addition to teaching by lecture, peer learning; project report writing and periodical assessment are part of the program.

Dr. Ravindra S. Mhasade
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Department of Cost & Work Accounting

The Department of Cost and Works Accounting is engaged in teaching costing techniques and methods of cost reduction at under graduate and post graduate levels. Theory and practice are blended to teach students about the application costing in the contemporary business scenario.

Dr. Pradnya Vhenkate
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Department of Business Administration

Business Administration is an important optional subject at both under and post graduate levels in Commerce Faculty. It is a crucial subject for students who wish to opt for MBA, post graduate courses in Mass communication, and for students who plan to go abroad or wish to pursue M.Phil. and Ph.D.

Dr. Bharat V. Rathod
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Department of Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance is an optional subject for B. Com. students of Pune university. The option is available in the First Year of degree course in which Fundamentals of Banking paper is taught. There are three papers for specialization in Banking and Finance- S.Y. B.Com. (Paper I): Indian Banking System, T.Y. B.Com. (Paper II): Financial Markets and Institutions & (Paper III): Law and Practice of Banking.

Dr. Laxman Baisane
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Department of Marketing

In keeping with the demands of modern day business, the department has introduced a Certificate Course in Digital Marketing. Seminars, workshops and guest lectures are organized to facilitate interaction of students and faculty with industry experts.

Dr. Rajesh Raut
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Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Application

The department of Mathematics and Statistics was established in 1969. The department was renamed as department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Applications in the year 2008.

Dr. R.B. Sonawane
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Department of Sports & Physical Education

ootball, Hockey, Athletics, Handball, Cricket, Basketball, Kabaddi, Wrestling, Swimming, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, Best Physique, Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, Net ball Teams exhibit excellent performance in the Inter College Games and Sports since the establishment of the college.

Prof. Mithun Tribuvan
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Academic and Personal Counselling Cell

The purpose of the APCC is to help students meet the challenges of campus and personal life, to help them identify personal,

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External Students Guidance Cell

he Modern Education Society has opened at the college its center for the external students of the commerce stream of the Savitribai Phule Pune University. The external students who have become an integral part of the student community on the campus and

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Placement Cell

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Junior College Department

Department of Voc. Banking (Jr. College)

Mr. Rajesh U. shinde
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Department of Information Technology

Mrs. Shrawani Mode.
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Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Ms. Vanita Manjari
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Department of Environment Education

Ms. Arti Mane
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Prin. Dr. B. S. Bhanage Memorial Seminar

The Late Prin. Dr. B.S. Bhanage Memorial Seminar was introduced in 1999 and continues to be organized uninterruptedly for the last 19 years. This itself is a measure of its success over the years. The seminar has become a prominent annual event for commerce teachers in Pune and surrounding areas for presenting their research papers. Over 100 research papers have been presented so far under the auspices of the seminar.

The response of teachers for call for papers and seminar attendance has been encouraging. The college has a long tradition of publishing research papers in the form of compiled booklets. These are normally papers presented annually at the Prin. Dr. B. S. Bhanage Memorial Seminars.

The Research Journal of Ness Wadia College of Commerce, called Bizz-Ness (ISSN 2277-4823), is an annual peer reviewed journal which aims at honing the research skills among the teaching community. Its objective is to encourage teachers to write research articles on various areas of business studies. The journal publishes research papers, case studies, book reviews and articles relating to Commerce, Economics, Business and other related areas.

Foundation Day Lecture

The Foundation Day Lecture Series was introduced in 2004 has been immensely successful. So far as many as 15 scholars of national repute have addressed the students and faculty under its auspices. The recipients of the Scholar of the Year Award have delivered lectures on diverse topics including Urbanization challenges, Democratization of Capital, India in a Globalizing World: Retrospect and Prospects, Does Support to Ongoing Market-oriented Reforms Require Giving up on Socialism, to name a few.

The Foundation Day lecture is delivered on 16th July every year which is the Foundation Day of the college. It has become a seminal forum for ideas in business studies for both students and the faculty. The scholar is requested to be the chief guest at the foundation /day ceremony in the evening and presented with a citation in appreciation of his/her contribution to economics and business knowledge.

The scholars have included eminent dignitaries such as Dr. Gita Piramal (2004), Business historian and writer, Dr. Narendra Jadhav, economist and banker; former Vice Chancellor, Pune University (2005) and now, Member, Planning Commission, Dr. Prakash Apte, Management Scholar; Director, IIM, Bangalore (2006) and the late Dr. Suresh Tendulkar, economist; formerly, Director, Delhi School of Economics, Dr. Subramaniam Ganti, Distinguished Economist/Former Director, NIBM, (2008-09); Dr. Ajit Ranade, Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group (2009-10); Dr. V Chandrasekhar of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (2010-11); C.A. Mayur Naik, President, Bombay Chartered Accountant Society(2011-12); Dharmakirti Joshi, Chief Economist, CRISIL (2012-13); Mr. Achyut Godbole , I.T. Expert (2013-14); Dr. Vikas Chitre, economist, President, Indian School of Political Economy (2014-15); Dr. Mahendra Dev, Director and Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development and Research, Mumbai (2015-16); Dr. Santosh Panda, eminent academician and policy maker (2016-17); Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar,Former Vice Chancellor, Economist, Teacher, Educationist and Social Worker(2017-18); Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia, eminent economist and Chairperson ICRIER (2018-19).

Ness Wadia Memorial Lecture

The year 2001-02 was observed as the 50th Death Anniversary year (1873-1952) of Sir Ness Wadia after whom the college is named. The Sir Ness Wadia Memorial Lecture, dedicated to his memory was instituted in this year. Since then several industry stalwarts have delivered lectures under the aegis of this lecture series. Some prominent speakers are as follows:

1. Mr. Rahul Bajaj, Chairman Bajaj Auto India on “Taking India Forward”

2. Mrs. Anu Aga, Ex-Chairman & CEO, Thermax India on “Corporate Social Responsibility”

3. Dr. Anand Deshpande, MD, Persistent Systems

4. Shri. Y.N. Deosthali, CMD, L&T Finance Holdings

5. Mr. Milind Kamble, Chairman, Dalit Chamber of Commerce and Industry on “Positive Affirmation in Industry”

Scholar of the Year Award

* Dr. Gita Piramal, Renowned Business Historian(2004-05)

* Dr. Narendra Jadhav, Formerly Principal Advisor and Chief Economist, RBI, Former Vice Chancellor, Savitribai Phule Pune University, and now Member, Planning Commission(2005-06)

* Dr. Prakash Apte, Director, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore(2006-07)

* Late Dr. Suresh Tendulkar, Economist; Formerly Director, Delhi School of Economics (2007-08)

* Dr. Subramaniam Ganti, Former Director, National Institute of Bank Management Pune2008-09)

* Dr. Ajit Ranade, Economist and Columnist(2009-10)

* Dr. V Chandrasekhar, Professor of Business, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad(2010-11)

* C.A. Mayur Naik, Leading Chartered Accountant, Mumbai(2011-12)

* Dharmakirti Joshi, Chief Economist, CRISIL, Mumbai(2012-13)

* Mr. Achyut Godbole, Managing Director, Softexcel Consulting Services(2013-14)

* Dr. Vikas Chitre, An Eminent Economist and President, Indian School of Political Economy (2014-15)

* Dr. Mahendra Dev, Director &Vice Chancellor, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai(2015-16)

* Dr. Santosh Panda, Former Director,Staff Training & Research Institute, IGNOU & Former Chairperson, NCTE(2016-17)

* Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar,Former Vice Chancellor, Economist, Teacher, Educationist and Social Worker(2017-18)

* Dr. Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Padma Bhushan, Indian Economist, Chairperson, Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) (2018-19)


* Mr. Anant Nadkarni

* Mr. Ashwini Malhotra,CMD, Weikifield Industries( Year 2009-10)

* Ms. Chanda Nimkar, Director, Nimkar Agricultural Institute, Phaltan (Year 2010-11)

* Dr. Deepak Tilak, Vice Chancellor, Tilak Maharashtra Deemed University, Pune (Year 2012-13)

Staff Academy

The Staff Academy of the college has been established with a view of enhancing the core values of teaching profession and engagement with a wide variety of subjects and topics. The Academy invites experts from various fields to interact with the faculty members. It also provides a platform for our teachers to share their teaching experiences, research activities and innovative practices followed by them.

Dr. Ravindra Mhasade

In-charge, Staff Academy

Junior College Career Guidance Cell

A Career Guidance Program on Under-Graduate study abroad was held for the students of class XI on 31st January, 2023. The sessions were addressed by the guest speakers who were invited to make the students aware of different Career Opportunities in Management, Commerce, etc.

There were two resource persons, first was Mr. Shreyas Ramakrishna who took the session on the career opportunities and various courses for the students that are available in different countries, where they can take advantage of these courses and secure their career in the respected field. Along with this Mr. Ramakrishna also spoke on the scholarships that are available for the students in foreign universities as well as how to crack the entrance test examination like SAT, IELTS, TOEFL Exam.

The second resource person for the day was, Mr. Rajarshi Banerjee who took the session, where he briefly explained the expenses that will incur for the foreign studies in different countries and also solved different queries which were raised by our students so that they can plan out their future in the particular field and secured a better life.


Under the Drama and Music Association “Kalarang” Spectrum of talent Auditions were organized on 3rd December 2022. Students gave auditions for various entries such as Solo Dance, Group Dance, Mono Act, Singing and Anchoring. Students were shot listed based on their performances in auditions.

The Final Event “Kalarang” Spectrum of talent was held on Friday 17th February 2023 from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm at Open Air Theater. In-charge Principal Dr. Vrushali Randhir Trustee Modern Education society Dr. Manohar Sanap Vice Principal Junior College Prof. Sonia Iyengar and Supervisor Junior College Prof. Sunil Pandit and kalarang co-ordinator Mrs. Aarti Mane chaired the event. Ms. Aishwarya Belsare was invited for judging the event. Ceremony was inaugurated at the hands of all the dignitaries of the dais Opening remarks were given by coordinator Ms. Aarti S. Mane. Principal Dr. Vrushali Randir announced the opening of the event.

Students showcased their talent under various categories. The complete programme was handled by Std XI and XII students under the guidance of Teachers namely Ms. Archana Oval Ms. Prachi Kolse Ms. Kiran Jadhav , Ms. Rane, Mr. Mayur Chauhan and his team.

Prize distribution ceremony was held after the competition. Prizes were given to the winners according to the events. List of winners as follows

Solo Dance
1st Prize Akshata
2nd Prize Namrata
3rd Prize Priyanka
Group Dance
1st Prize Bollywood Dance
2nd Prize Rasjasthani Dance
3rd Prize Retro Dance
Duet Dance
Akshata and Riddhi
Special Performance

Co-ordinator Ms. Aarti S. Mane