Medical Facility

Dr. Ujwala Hake

The Ness Wadia college of Commerce has its own dispensary where the medical facilities exist for the students and staff members. A duly-qualified staff and proper stock of medicines have been ensured by the college authorities. In addition to the day-to-day attendance to ailments, special attention is paid to the health of the students. The medical room of Ness Wadia college of Commerce provides first-aid facilities for students and members of staff who are in need of the same. All the Ness Wadia College Students and Hostilities will have to compulsorily undergo a medical checkup as per the University directive. The Schedule of the Medical check-up is notified after the commencement of the first term. Ness Wadia College of Commerce Pune authorities have also made available the services of the Honorary Medical Officer who shall be available on the premises.