Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com)

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) is a 3-year full time professional degree program affiliated to the Savitribai Phule Pune University. The program is designed to cultivate business acumen among students and aims to develop various skills, to make students capable to be an effective part of the Commercial organisation in various capacities. The B.Com. Programme is designed to impart business and management skills to aspiring students for a better understanding of the corporate world and its business activities. It would help students plan their business activity properly in various capacities. Some of the popular electives available in the college are - Banking and Finance, Business administration, Marketing, Cost and works accounting, Business Entrepreneurship, Business Statistics etc

  • To develop conceptual understanding the fundamentals of financial Accounting, business economics, Communication skill through various languages, Cost and Works accounting, Banking and finance, Entrepreneurial skills, Marketing, Principles of management, Business laws, Advanced Accounting and taxation aspects, Economics and mathematical skills etc. required to cater the requirement of the emerging Business world.
  • To impart the various skills like accounting skills, managerial skills, communication skills and to make overall personality development of the students, through practical approach and exposure and make them competent enough to face the global challenges in the contemporary business scenario.
  • To develop among the students the qualities of an entrepreneur and make them equipped to formulate modern business strategies.

The B. Com Program is a three-year full time undergraduate program. The details of the courses are provided below.

Intake capacity

The intake capacity for each of the F.Y., S.Y., and T.Y. B. Com is of 720 students respectively. The college follows the reservation policy as per government of Maharashtra and the Savitribai Phule Pune University norms for the admissions to these classes.. Seats for various optional papers are limited; therefore students should exercise their options cautiously.

Course Structure

The B.Com. Programme is a three-year full-time undergraduate program. The details of the courses are provided as under.

Medium of instructions

The Medium of Instruction for five Divisions of B.Com is English and for one Division it is Marathi

B.Com. First Year (F.Y.)

Considering the needs of changing business environments and the emerging business challenges across the globe, the Savitribai Phule Pune University has introduced the Choice Based Credit System from Academic Year 2019-20. For details of CBCS and evaluation.

B.Com. First Year (F.Y.) Course Structure
Sr. No.Compulsory / Main Subjects
101Compulsory English
102Financial Accounting
103Business Economics (Micro)
104Business Mathematics and Statistics
105Optional Group (Any one of the following)
105 (a)Organizational Skill Development
105 (b)Banking & Finance
106Optional Group (Any one of the following)
106 (a)Essentials of E-Commerce
106 (b)Marketing & Salesmanship
106 (c)Business Environment & Entrepreneurship
106 (d)Foundation Course in Commerce
107(Any one of the languages from the following groups)
Modern Indian Languages (M.I.L.): Additional English / Marathi / Hindi
B.Com. Second Year (S.Y.)

The courses mentioned below are as per the Revised B. Com. Program Structure CBCS 2019 Pattern. For the Second Year with effect from academic year 2020-21. For details on courses and evaluation

B.Com. Second Year (S.Y.) Course Structure
Sr. No.Compulsory / Main Subjects
201Business Communication.
202Corporate Accounting.
203Business Economics (Macro)
204Business Management
205Elements of Company Law
206Special Subject – Paper I (Any one of the following)
206 (a)Business Administration
206 (b)Banking & Finance.
206 (c)Cost & Works Accounting.
206 (d)Business Statistics.
206 (e)Business Entrepreneurship.
206 (f)Marketing Management.
B.Com. Final Year (T.Y.)

The courses mentioned below are as per the 2013 Pattern

B.Com. Final Year (T.Y.) Course Structure
Sr. No.Compulsory / Main Subjects
301Business Regulatory Framework (Mercantile Law)
302Advanced Accounting.
303 (a)Indian & Global Economic Development Or
303 (b)International Economics
304Auditing & Taxation
305Special Subject – Paper II (Same special subject offered at S.Y. B.Com.)
305 (a)Business Administration
305 (b)Banking & Finance.
305 (c)Cost & Works Accounting.
305 (d)Business Statistics.
305 (e)Business Entrepreneurship.
305 (f)Marketing Management.
306Special Subject – Paper III (Same special subject offered at S.Y. B.Com.)
306 (a)Business Administration
306 (b)Banking & Finance.
306 (c)Cost & Works Accounting.
306 (d)Business Statistics.
306 (e)Business Entrepreneurship.
306 (f)Marketing Management.
Admission Procedure

A Student has to obtain/ download the Admission Form in prescribed format from the College website. Students are requested to update themselves of the merit list on the College website and seek admission by payment of fees (online). The admission is confirmed only after the fees are paid in full and subject to submission of necessary documents.The admission form duly filled should be submitted to college along with following documents in original/ scanned version.

  • School leaving certificate / Transfer Certificate.
  • Address proof
  • Original mark sheet (12th Std Mark Sheet or equivalent for Bachelor Courses )
  • Passport size photos

Students are requested to update themselves of the merit list on the College website and seek admission by payment of fees (online). The admission is confirmed only after the fees are paid in full.

Registration and Admission fees

Admission for degree and diploma courses will be confirmed only after receipt of admission form duly filled in all respects along with original documents and after payment of registration fees of 150/- and complete fees.
NOTE: Registration fee is non-refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Is the B.Com Program a Full Time program?

Yes, B. Com. is a 3-year full time program

Can I work alongside my study?

Since the B. Com. program is a full time program, students are expected to attend college regularly as per SPPU, Pune and UGC New Delhi norms. Students may, if they wish, join a part time job without missing on the academics and co-curricular activities of the college.

Is a student allowed Internship during the program?

Yes. College has a dedicated Training and Placement Officer (TPO). TPO will also take necessary efforts to provide Internship and placement for registered interested students.

Is the Admission assured after filling up the Admission Form?

No. After the submission of Admission Forms, Merit lists are prepared. Admission for B. Com. is based on Merit and conditional to eligibility approved by SPPU, Pune and other Government guidelines.

What are the Fees of the B.Com Program?

The fees of the B.Com Program are as per the SPPU, Pune guidelines. For further queries and clarifications, contact the administration office.

Are ADD ON courses compulsory?

Yes. Add On courses are for Skill Enhancement and are compulsory. Failure to attend the course sessions and appear for examinations will result in a backlog.

Is it necessary to Submit assignments and Tutorials?

Yes. Each Assignment, presentation and Tutorials carry marks. There is a separate passing head in Tutorials and it is essential to pass.

Is Passing in every Head compulsory?

Yes. Under the Choice Based Credit System (2019 Pattern), passing separately in each Head is compulsory. Heads imply Internal Examination, Tutorials, External Examination, Viva Voce and Practical wherever applicable. Backlogs in only four heads are allowed to be carried forward to the subsequent year. A student will have a backlog if he/ she is unable to secure 40% in each head separately.

Can I change the stream once I have secured admission in College?

No. Changes in stream/ Programs are not allowed post your admission in College.

Can I change my Specialization?

No. Once a student chooses a specific elective, s/he has to continue thereafter. In any circumstances change is not permitted.

Subjects Carrying Practical

There will be a practical examination for the F.Y.B.Com. For the subject Financial Accounting. There will be practical examinations for the special subjects at S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com. levels. There will be Practical for the S.Y.B.Com level Compulsory subject Business Communication & for T.Y.B.Com Auditing & Taxation.

A Student must offer the same Special Subject at T.Y.B.Com. which he has offered at S.Y.B.Com.

In exceptional cases, a student may change the subject chosen by him at second year during the first term of the third year provided he keeps the additional terms of the new subject at S.Y.B.Com.