Course Coordinator

Dr. Mahendra Agale

Objective :

The objective of the P. G. / Diploma in International Business is to meet requirements of trained manpower in the vast field of foreign trade and international business. Through this course the students will be exposed to formal training to acquire knowledge and to develop skills required to undertake foreign trade activities as well to take up employment in International Business Organizations.


The duration of the Course shall be 1 year.

Eligibility for admission

Any Graduate (with 50% aggregate marks) from any recognized Indian/Foreign University shall be eligible for admission to the Course.

Examination System

There shall be 4 papers carrying 100 marks each. The Annual written examination of 3 hours duration shall carry 80 marks and 20 marks shall be allotted internally on the basis of student's performance in the Term-end Examination. Each Term End Examination written paper shall be of 2 hours carrying 60 marks converted to 20.


The medium of Instruction and answer in examination and field work report and Viva Voce exam. will be in English.

Standard of Passing
  • The standard of passing for the above course is 40% marks in each paper subject to aggregate 50%. The candidate shall get the following grades by obtaining marks as given below:
  • a) 50% to 54% = Second Class
  • b) 55% to 59% = Higher Second Class
  • c) 60% to 69% = First Class
  • d) 70% to and above = First Class with Distinction

Scheme of Examination

There will be Annual Examination of 100 marks each for Paper I to IV. and for Paper No. V, the division of marks will be as given below.
  • a) Field visit report marks given by the Internal Examiner. 25
  • b) Field visit report marks given by the External Examiner. 25
  • c) Viva voce Examination based on the knowledge and understanding of the contents of the Courses in Paper – I to IV (A Panel consisting of 2 external and 1 internal examiners will be appointed by the University for the purpose of this Examination) 50

The examination shall be held at the end of every academic year on the dates to be announced by the University. It will carry 500 marks in aggregate for the Course. Paper I to IV will carry 100 marks each and Course V Project Report and Viva Voce will carry 100 marks.

Structure of the Course
Sr. NoPaperSubject
1Paper lInternational Marketing and Management.
2Paper lIExport-Import Procedures and Documentation.
3Paper lIIEconomic Systems and Foreign Trade in India
4Paper lVCommercial Laws and Overseas Marketing Research.
5Paper VField visit report and viva voce (based on study and observation visit to International Business agency or its branch office world Trade Centre, Foreign Commercial Consulates, Indent Houses, and Shipping Cos. Branch of Foreign banking Co. IIFT, etc.)