Department of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Application

Introduction :

The department of Mathematics and Statistics was established in 1969. The department was renamed as department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Applications in the year 2008. The major programs offered by the department are B. Com. in Business Statistics and BBA in Computer Applications. The department offers courses like Business Mathematics and Statistics, Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, that makes the department an integral part of the college. The department is having dedicated, well experienced and qualified teaching faculties as well as it is well equipped with computer laboratory with advanced softwares. The department has rejuvenated by adding another skill based degree program called B. Voc. in Banking, Finance and Insurance with Actuarial Studies. The said program helps to cater to the requirement of industry as per current trends.
The department offers its students' the knowledge and skills required to build their own career. The department was started with the aim of imparting arithmetic knowledge and mathematical skills to young aspiring minds. The objective of the department is to facilitate and demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical concepts, enhance problem solving skills and decision-making capabilities among students. Keeping in mind the multifunctional need of mathematics, Statistics and Computer Applications, the staff members do not merely share information with the students but strive to create the necessary environment for them to think critically and develop themselves.

Sr.NoNameDesignation Area of Interest
1 Dr. Ramdas B. Sonawane Head of Department & Asso. Prof. Applied Mathematics
2 Mr. Vithal B. Shinde Assistant Professor Mathematics
3 Ms. Seema V. Purandare Assistant Professor Operating systems,Programming Languages
4 Ms. Ashiwini Waghmare Assistant Professor Web Technologies Programming Languages
5 Ms. Rupali Deshmukh Assistant Professor Algebra,Number Theory
6 Mr. Vishvajeet Patil Assistant Professor Mathematics
7 Ms. Vaishali Chilwar Assistant Professor Computer Application
8 Ms. Anita Patil Assistant Professor Computer Application
9 Ms. Leena Thorat Assistant Professor Computer Application
10 Ms. Sucheta Randhir Assistant Professor Computer Application